Design of Communication

From the point of creating a booking to getting a refund, anxiety in present in the customer mind at every step of the journey. We took a design centric approach to tackle this problem.

Customer Journey Map

Purpose of Communication

There is either information to consume or/and action to take at every step of the customer process. Information not provided clearly or untimely can lead to customer getting stressed. Customer stress can also happen from friction in user flow due to not being reminded of the action that has to be taken to proceed to the next step. In short, effective communication is critical in nailing the user experience (for many products). It also helps in setting a tone of the brand. For ex, Uber’s communications have a relaxed and minimalistic undertone, it helps in setting an image of poise and thoughtfulness.

Modes of Communication

For online business conducted through an App, as it is our case, online communication is possible through Emails, SMS, and Push Notifications. Each medium has its own rules of function, its realm of effectiveness and its limitations.

Mockups and Actuals


Push Notification


KPIs for Communication

*Increase in open rate

*Increase in clicks on CTAs

*Reduction in calls for Q/A

Tools Used

*Balsamiq for Mockups

*Sketch for Exportable Design

PS: Communications Revamp was the project that I undertook while working as a Product Manager for Zoomcar. Above mentioned communication is covering one of the scenarios, other scenarios were made following the template mentioned above.