Alma De Cafe

Alma De Cafe is a low-tech IoT platform that assists coffee farmers to manage and improve their farm produce and connect with roasters globally.

Internet of Plants

Internet of Plants (IOP) is a light hearted project based on the idea of plant communication with the aim to educate and spread awareness about the subject.

Dream Machine

Dreams serve a biological necessity in processing and exploring subconscious thoughts. Dreams are deeply personal, subjective experiences that people ascribe meaning to and in relating to one other. Dream Machine is a multi-player mobile application paired with a neural device that allows the user and their partner to select a theme and dream together.


Bloom is an interactive chair that reminds you of the natural cycles of day and night in order to help you remember the natural world around you.


Gastro – Your Social Food Network

Gastro connects people who have a common love for food, by creating a social network through food. It is designed for people who are bored with making food for themselves every day, trapped in the confines of their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Farm to Cup Journey

This prototype aims to educate customers about the second most consumed beverage in the world: coffee. It takes you through the arduous journey humble coffee beans take in reaching your cup. The coffee industry is under severe threat of pricing crisis and climate change effects.

Fight of the Patriarchs

Fight of the Patriarchs is a multiplayer game developed in the ‘Designing for Behavior and Impact’ Course as an effort to increase awareness in society against patriarchy. The context of India is used in this game however patriarchy still exists in many forms even in most ‘developed’ countries.


People think they are above nature, our goal was to make them realize they are NOT above nature.

A behaviour correction device for the future which gives you instant feedback when a wrong action is taken by socially excluding you from society. Even worse is that your friends and family share your burden to increase social pressure.


Lovester is a playful take on wearable device technology leveraging serendipitous moments in the physical world to create an opportunity for meeting new people with confidence. Lovester is a product that marries the best of real-life and online dating.


In the field of volunteer tourism focussed on Turtle conservation, our team came up with ‘Sergio’; an online platform that allowed prospective volunteers to be fully acquainted


VentArt is a safe space for parents to shout out their feelings freely, away from their children. Thanks to an AI technology, parents can transform their negative emotions into AR art pieces.